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It seems it all began in 1984, with the 26th Grammy Awards. Since then, lots of promo work and from time to time nice, in-depth interviews (Whoopi Goldberg, Charlie Rose…). Most of 2003/2004’s fresh material can be found in this section.




Main hertzian channels

USA national TV channels

ABC: American Broadcasting Corporation
CBS: Columbia Broadcasting System
NBC: National Broadcasting Company
Fox: Fox Broadcasting Company, launch in October 1986
WB: Warner Bros
UPN: United Paramount Network

PBS: Public Broadcasting Service
CNN: Cable News Network
MSNBC: Microsoft & National Broadcasting Company
CNBC: Cable National Broadcasting Company
Comedy Central
HBO: Home Box Office
MTV: Music tv
National Geographic Channel
TNT (Turner)
USA Network

Canadian TV channels

Much Music
Much More Music
CBC Television: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television
CBC Newsworld: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CTV Newsnet
City TV
Life Network
Home and Garden Television (HGTV)
Food Network
RDI (French)
TV5 (French)
Omni 1
Omni 2